Entry: D good, d bad and d ugly Saturday, April 10, 2010

The good part was how promt SYA**BAS responded to my complaint.  I called just before maghrib and was told that noone else complained, therefore I am the only one affected.  They promised to send someone over and true enough, 2 hours later someone was at the mains outside my house and water was back in my house... Thank you SYA**BAS for the excellent service and the Customer Service was polite and helpful.

The bad came in this morning when I heard the rain.. Huhuhu it just means I have to send my doter to school.  Something I hate alot.  She said she needs to open the lab door for the other students.  (Pehal lah dia yang hold the keys pon!)  As expected, there was a massive jam outside the school gate, as parents were trying to get into and out of the school.  Iye lah, tak kan lah nak drop off the kids kat gate sekolah aje.  Demam plak budak2 tu. 

Now comes the ugly part.. the Guard was trying to be a traffic police but all he succeeded to do was to make it into a dead-lock.  No one could move as he tried to filter the traffic, allowing only some in.  Why oh why lah do that now.. dah lah dia berpayung dok tengah2 jalan masuk tuh.. dok tanya each car going in and if you say, "nak hantar anak", he goes to the front of your car and obstruct you from moving forward.  Dia suruh gostan, (mind you, kereta kat belakang wasnt budging). Aduhhh.. rasa nak turun tampar je pak cik tu!!  Nasib baik masih waras and pikirkan dia tu jauh lebih tua dari aku. 

Aku hanya rapatkan lagi kereta aku pada dia and buat derk.  Alahai pak cik, kalau tak nak bagi orang masuk, pergi lah bukak gate kecik sana.. jadi parents boleh drop off anak kat sana, tak yah berebut nak masuk gate besar.  Last2 dia bagi jugak aku masuk, tapi sempat menyeranah.. "nyusahkan orang aje.."  Hello pak cik siapa yang susah kan siapa ni??  Ada aku mintak dia jadi trafik warden dalam hujan lebat ni?  Takde pun aku bangun pagi tadi memasang niat nak nyusahkan pak gad ni..

I can just istigfar banyak2..  Sabar je lah.. jangan aku jadi bongkak macam tu dalam aku meniti ke alam "veteran" ni.. 


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