Entry: Duhhh.. Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I read this in my son's FB and I liked it alot.

"Datang ke Drive Thru M^cD** dengan kereta yang dashboard nya penuh dengan merchandise M^cD**, malahan Drive Thru sticker yang lama pun masih terlekat di cermin. Tetapi masa buat pesanan berkata ..Cheesy Wedges nak satu.."


Then something similar happened yesterday. I went to fill up my car with petrol at Sh^ell** and I pop inside to get bread. A guy came in and asked the girl at the counter.. Tahu macam mana nak ke PER*MATA** (as in the PET** training center).. terkebil2 budak tu and jawap.. macam pernah dengar tempat tu.. Hahahaha.. I interrupted and asked 'PET** training center ke?' and he answered in the affirmative. Gave him the directions and then I walked out.

Or the time, my other son saw a guy attired in a Ce^lcom** t-shirt, walking into Ma^x** centre to pay his phone bill.

Nothing beats going to the competitor.


Bath Toys Australia
April 27, 2012   04:14 PM PDT
That's cute one.

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