Entry: Pengantin Again Monday, March 15, 2010

Yesterday I was outstation with my sister to attend Dz's colleague's wedding.

Wedding was held in a dewan of a local U. Small affair since the wedded couple is marrying for the second time after each previous spouse's demise. Yup, duda and balu. We arrived quite early as we had other things to attend to. Since everyone took off their footwear at the entrance, I thought "oh no, a sit down affair!! Adowhh.. mengah lah nanti.."  But actually they only didnt want to dirty the carpetted floor. Duhhh..

We got the usual fare, but this was authentic nasi biryani, not like those we get in Selangor or KL. The rice alone was sedap menjilat jari (finger licking good). There was fried chicken (I skipped that), lauk biryani daging (liked that..took lots of rempah/gravy) and lo and behold.. there was lamb shank.. tulang and all (but no straw to suck out the marrow). I told my sister, "Afnan would have loved the shank". There was the usual dalca but I tak minat sangat. They were putting in more of the acar rampai, so I did not take any. I was actually expecting the acar buah, which I noticed was placed in very small containers with only those pliable plastic spoon to take it. Macam an afterthought aje! Everyone bypassed it until I started to fill my plate.. didnt notice it the first round, I guess.

For dessert, there was cut fruits, local kueh like agar2, kueh lapis, seri muka and they also have bubur pulut hitam, which Dz said was very nice. We were quite wary of the drinks after the bad experience at the wedding the previous week (where we all ended up purging after drinking from unclean cups), so we each took the mineral water-in-a-cup.

They had a live cak lempong group to entertain us. Very nice soothing music.. then I saw some girls asking the group to stop playing and they placed a microphone in front of a laptop. Dia mainkan lagu2 kawin on winamp. Hahaha..cute.. That was the cue that the pengantin has arrived.  The groom entered, segak in baju melayu and sampin songket. He must be in his mid fifies.. the bride was no where to be seen. Hai..mana lah bride tercicir. Then we saw her.. pretty lady in a long lace jacket, pinned together just below her waist with a huge pending-like brooch. She had a satin long dress underneath. The couple never got far from the entrance as they were accosted by friends and relatives, who not only greeted them there but also snapped photos with the couple. No.. they didnt have a pelamin but the couple was supposed to have a makan beradap. Anyway since everyone was doing it, we too approached the couple at the door and greeted and made small talk before we left.

The whole majlis was organized by the groom's 4 children and bride's daughter.

I started to get a throbbing headache...lamb not good for me.. I know.. tapi where can tahan meh...We were given telur pindang as gifts.


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