Entry: Ikan Bakar Teraponnng Saturday, March 13, 2010

The plan was for Anne and Dz to get there (Restaurant Ikan Bakar Terapong) first and place the order.  But they were like under a spell and could not get out from town, and ended up going in circles.  They stayed in town at Hotel Leg-acy.  We on the other hand stayed at a homestay in MITC, on the outskirts of Melaka town. We drove blindly (never having been there at all) with only "Umbai" as clue.  Signages to the place seemed to be hiding under the branches of the trees.  Nevertheless we arrived there first.  So, we ended up browsing through the shops and I ended buying toys for my cucu.  And since we are hungry, we bought and ate fruits first.

Finally the PJ/Sarawak/Perak entourage arrived.  Alamak, mana host/hostess nya ni.... 5 minutes later baru Anne/Dz arrived.  Phew, tak tahu lah macam mana nak melayan 20 orang alone!!!

We marched up to the upper floor of the restaurant for more privacy.  The place is actually a group of stalls all selling ikan bakar and the likes.  Anne and I started choosing the fish and other menu.

We started with Ikan Senangin masak sweet sour, followed by sotong rings goreng tepung (yang my DIL dok sebut2, takut pulak ngidam tak kesampaian!!) and buttered prawns (medium size).  Mixed vege goreng and was it kangkong goreng or kailan goreng, to balance up the meal.  Anne didnt think that that was enough, so she ordered Ikan jenahak bakar - berlada and cencaru (ikan jacket) bakar with cicah.. Huhuhu adik aku ni..

We asked for nasi lemak bungkus but was told they only have nasi lemak hidang.. sehidang is sufficient for 4-5 people.  So we asked for 2 hidangs/table.  Rupa2nya satu hidang tu cukup untuk 8-10 orang.  We ended up tapau-ing the nasi for tomorrow's breakfast.  We had 3 types of drinks, ordered by the jug - ais kosong, fresh orange (watered down) and sirap limau.

Rasa2nya macam tak boleh nak habiskan sume ikan2 tu, but all that was left after almost 2 hours of dining was the nasi lemak.  We asked for cut fruits for dessert and the men must have their coffee with their smoke of course.

I went home first as we had the little one.. who actually was like an energizer rabbit as the hour ticked closer to midnight!!

It was a lovely nite.. I remembered you guys in Australia.. how you would have enjoyed it also.. maybe next time ok?


March 15, 2010   06:48 PM PDT
next time!next timeeee!!

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