Entry: What is the.. Friday, March 05, 2010

probability of having the exact same numbers in your KP as your sibling.

The only difference is our birthday of course.  But if you share birthday with your sibling, which makes her your twin sister (yes, must be of same sex.. last digit even number maa...), then its impossible to have the identical last 6 digits.  Get it so far?  We also have to be born in the same country/state. 

But.. fact is, I share the same last 6 digits with my sister.  Senang nak ingat..

Hahaha.. aku bosan menanti anak2 bersiap and convoy Amp*ang sampai.. nak ke Melaka for my nephew's wedding reception.  My back ache is killing me.  My senggugut is joining forces with the backache.. but no way I am trusting my boys to drive.


July 6, 2016   05:21 PM PDT
It's really a very interesting fact! Sometimes such curious things happen to us and we can't realize how it can be possible.

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