Entry: So so sad Monday, February 22, 2010

My heart is so heavy, I feel like it is at my feet. 

Yesterday we had to trick Dad and send him to a pusat penjagaan.  We went back to JB and arrived at the gate, only to discover the padlock is changed (again).  After his disappearance for almost 2 weeks last year, we had to resort to locking the gates and keep Dad within the compounds.  A cousin help get his meals and take care of him.  We go back as often as possible.  Pujuk macam mana pun, Dad didnt want to stay with any of us.

Anyway, went searching for my cousin.  He said Dad threw a tantrum last week and broke the furniture in the house..amongst other things and tried to pecahkan the padlock.  This time the house was in a terrible mess.  Water cut (yet again), so we couldnt do anything!  Dz decided we should get Dad into a home immediately.  Health wise, his scabs is still bad and he has put off alot of weight.

Luck was on our side and there was a vacancy in this particular home.  We packed up his clothes but since it was unplanned, we forgot alot of things.  After making Dad comfortable and pujuk-pujuk dia to enjoy his stay there, we left to get his toiletries from 7*E.  When we went back, the gate (that was open to allow visitors in) was already padlocked.  The keeper said Dad wanted to leave.. so they had to lock the gate.

We told dad we wanted to repair the house.  He (Dad) immediately 'called' his imaginary contractor, Leong.  We played along and told Dad, Leong wanted the house vacated so that he can start the 'major renovation'.  Memang pun we need to do alot of repairs to the house, but each time we have to put up a fight because Dad wants to do it himself.  And always, it is me, who have to pujuk/marah/defend Dad.

I am so so sad.  Ya Allah kau pelihara dan kasihanilah bapak ku, sebagaimana dia telah memelihara dan mengasihani aku.


Mak Andeh
March 7, 2010   09:57 PM PST
This is so, so sad. Caring for aged parent is not easy. Especially for one who has *lost* his independence. I can understand the dilemma very much. Kena sabar banyak-banyak and remember all the sacrifices that he has done all his life for his children whenever your patience are tested.

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