Entry: Sunburnt?? Thursday, February 18, 2010

I got sunburnt (I think). But only on my face and ears. How? I dont know. Pedih sangat. I had to dig out my foundation and slather it all over my face. Baru lah kurang rasa pedihnya. Tangan ni pulak, gatal aje nak mengaru. Tambah lah pedihnya. Last nite I found out that it is not painful if I sapu bedak cornstarch Fatin but I get a very tight feeling all over my face, as though I put on a face mask. And I also end up with burn marks on my face. Adeh.. apa nak buat nie ek?

Eda called me from Sudan today. She is mad with "the majikan". Dah lah potong allowance (they all boleh terima lagi), ni nak potong basic pulak. Mana boleh tahan. It will affect the pencen and gratuity. Banyak complain dari (ex)-staff jugak. Cerita yang sama jugak...Hmm.. nasib baik I opt out earlier. Tension oiii....


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July 6, 2016   05:18 PM PDT
Sometimes it's very easy to get sunburnt. And I got sonburnt on my ears just once. It was funny. They became red and swelled.

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