Entry: New Year 2010** Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year comes around. Alhamdulillah we survived another year, safe from calamities and major sickness.

FATIN DEAREST : My dearest grand daughter Fatin has finally gained enough confidence and is tottering about the house. Her dad maintained his record of 18 months before walking on his own. Hahaha.. at least Fatin is slim and not as heavy as her daddy was, her age. Mana larat nak dukung. Lately, Fatin’s favorite clutch toys are my fridge magnets and the magnets I line along the banister up the stairs.  She pick a few and look at her grandma, to see if grandma is angry.  Coyly, she will pluck a few more and soon there is a mess of magnets stuck to each other on the staircase. When she was at her Nana Annie’s house, she will also head towards the fridge. The last two weekends, was spent at Nana Annie’s swimming pool. She love being in the pool with the pelampung attached around her neck. Twice her daddy let her go and she swallowed a lot of water. Nasib baik daddy yang buat. Hahaha.. 

I managed to redeem the Big Head-giraffe from G*uardian. So that is her latest teman tidor.  Giraffe has small nostrils, just the right size to fit Fatin’s fingers. That put a stop to her digusting past time of digging her belly button!!  Then, with her daddy’s collection of stickers, I managed to redeem the second Big Head, a Hippopotamus or "Dadhak" as Fatin calls it.

Home Sweet Home : On the home end, my renovations is complete. Thus begins moving the furniture and fittings. I fall asleep with a back ache almost every night.  My house looks like time stood still, 5 years ago when I moved in from Hulu Langat. I now occupy the bedroom downstairs. Tak larat nak naik turun tangga tiap hari. The kitchen is just next to my bedroom. So I can easily have my sahur. The kitchen is still in a mess. I am putting things away slowly. Opening and unpacking one box each day. Alhamdulillah, Faizal is handy with the plumbing and wiring works. Just like my Langat house, I have a laundry area tucked away in one end of the kitchen. Am in the midst of putting up a foldable clothes hanger in the back corridor. It will be put in good use these rainy days.

While renovating the house, ‘someone’ walked away with my spare cooking gas and I only now realized how expensive it is to get one! And while I was out shopping one day, ‘somene’ else (or maybe it is the same person) opened the gate and walked off with my air conditioner outdoor unit!! Hai.. memang tak selamat lah siapa yang buat kerja2 tu. Like it or not, I had to get a new air conditioner but am still contemplating on getting the spare cooking gas. Heheh.. priorities..

I have 2 extra astro dish. Does anyone know if I can use it on my tv just to get the non astro channels. Who can do it? Malas nak buat wiring baru or beli aerial baru. I was relying on my indoor aerial when my bedroom was upstairs. But now that I have moved to the ‘dungeon’, am not getting clear reception on all the channels. Dahlah mata ni memang blurr.

Using an Indon electrician was a huge mistake. Where the power source is, is a mystery. And they have a weird sense of placing the power points and sedap2 dia letak connection for a ceiling fan (without the hook to hang the fan!). Sampai kan in the kitchen pun dia letak connection for a ceiling fan (just above the stove). Agak dia ingat buat ganti hob kot.

The Shop : Boss has decided to share rental with a lady who wants to open a bakery/café. I don’t know how much longer I can survive working here. On certain days, I get so lazy and bored. Sales has dropped drastically. Am taking one day at a time.

School : This morning, I was awaken by the sound of KA’s alarm. School starts today. It has been raining since very early morning. I dread rainy mornings as this madame refuse to use the umbrella to walk to school. Says she doesn’t like getting her sarong wet. I have to go one whole round around the block just to send her to school which is actually 100 meters away from home! Otherwise I would get my car stuck in the traffic jam of parents sending their children to school (there are 3 schools in the vicinity) and people going to work. Am still thankful I don’t have to go to work in KL. But I had to go round twice before I could get a vacant car park, close enough to the shop this morning!!  Warghhh!!!

Dead Tired..


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