Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Poor Reputation??

Why am I getting this warning "This site has a poor reputation" when I go to blogs residing on B*L*OG**DR*IVE?  Maybe I should heed my children's advise to move over to B*LOG**BINTIK. 

Anyway, before that happens, I must tell what happened.  I was just playing around with my handphone this morning when I accidently found out a "neighbour" did not lock her wifi.  Yabedabedu.. I can internet...

I actually managed to clearup my mail amidst drop lines.  hehe.. but I have the patience to log back in after several minutes. This brings new energy to waiting at the shop!!  I dont think I should attempt blogging while working. Tak berkat. I probably will lose the post anyway. Hahaha..

Many stories later..

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Sunday, August 02, 2009
Meet the Datuk/Datin

After so long being off line, I finally have the time to blog something while waiting for my darling doter to finish her tuition.  Her tuition class comes with Internet perks for Mama!  Actually I am at my friend's house.  She has cut down down on her tuition classes and moved the tuition centre to her home.

Anyway we were at DD's house last nite to discuss on the impending majlis bertunang my nephew (my elder sister's 2nd son).  His choice of bakal isteri belong to the upper crusts family living in P*J.  Since kami hanya tinggal 3 beradik, so everyone is dragged in in these events.  Drive to P*J was horrendous.  Am so thankful, I wasnt driving or following DZ.  He was switching lanes at the flick of the signal, trying to get out of the massive traffic jam at the Federal Hiway.  My other BIL mengusap dada several times, exclaiming "sakit dada, heart attack aku", trying to follow DZ!  Finally at the last stretch, BIL lost sight of DZ and took the wrong turn.  We had to wait for almost 15 minutes, before BIL caught up again.  There was a mad rush since waktu maghrib is almost over for the guys.  All the ladies, were conveniently disposed.

Sat down and chatted with Datuk/Datin.  My BIL and sister is more at ease this time, since conversation did not evolve around "golf" or "shopping at Pavilion".  I couldnt be bothered with all these stuffs.  I was there just to give support to my sister & BIL.

Simple dinner of nasi putih, kari ikan (lama tak makan kari utara), pecal (maid indon dia yang buat), salad, udang/peria masak lemak, rendang ayam and sambal belacan made by the bakal menantu herself.  Dessert was fresh fruits and kueh talam. 

Then it was down to serious business.  Each of us, snapped opened our organizers/ calendars on the handphones when Datuk mentioned THE DATE...  Hahaha zaman teknologi.  It was confirmed as the weekend after Hari Raya Puasa.  Datuk was explicit up to the ETA, 11a.m.  Hadoi.. rasa2 macam sitting in a meeting macam zaman dulu2.  Next item, was the number of dulang hantaran.  Since the girls side had to up 2 dulangs, they need to know the number we are sending.  Confirmed 5 dulangs only from our side.  That is my concern since I have been assigned to decorate the hantaran.  Mak Cik Teh insisted on doing it all masa nikah nanti.  Girls side will balas with 7.  Ye lah tu, kot2 jadi macam masa tunang Azhar, we ended up with 11.  Datin mentioned about her relative who ended up with 65 dulang!!  Adoi.. even with my 11, pening pala nak 'mengdispose off' the cakes (especially).  Alhamdulillah..  semua selamat di bincang.

We shot off home.  I was dead tired since I was out off the house since early morning.  My doter almost fell asleep in the new recliners.. but that is another story.

p/s  Fat*imah, Angah chose pink as his tema (tunang) and furfle for nikah.. so what will be your choice.. assuming you are next.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Fatin Wimming & Fatimah's bakal..

Saturday started off with a trip to Langat and Ampang with Lady Boss.  She wanted to collect debts and I was to show her the way.  Ended up dragging her around on my errands.  First stop was to collect my sambal at Noriha's house.  Then we headed off to get my roti jala and sambal peparu.  Hahaha..pening Boss tengok aku!  My next stop was at the Jamu Shop.  She ended up making her own purchases since it was much2 cheaper there.

The shop who owes my Boss wasnt opened yet, so we headed up to Ampang to have my ozone treatment.  Sekali sekala ada orang nak bayarkan.  Best jugak.. Terima Kasih banyak2 ye.  Boss will try to get Big Boss to come and treat his gout.  Ada pulak amoi2 ni buat blood test and check bp masa tu.. Maka kita pun hulur lah jari dan lengan.  Kus semangat..!!  Sugar was high (due to the fruit juices I have been downing cos of the hot weather) and BP was also high.  Hmm...

Nak balik, Boss ajak singgah mana2.  Dia haus.  Ok, stop at Ampang Carre4.  I shopped after I dropped her off at the Food Court.  Mak Aiii... dia bantai makan sekali orang tua ni!  Balik dan singgah kedai si piutang.  Macam biasa lah.. banyak lah alasan nya and ended up  we didint get a single sen.  Entah lah macam mana biznes nak maju kalau 'kaya' dengan hutang.

Back home, I had to rush over to my sister's house since she is expecting guests yang nak 'berkenalan'.. tapi bawak cincin risik sekali.!!!  My oldest niece has all grown up and so ramai dah bertanya..  Tapi yang nie yang serious.  After helping with the makan2.. I melayan my darling cucunda.  Dia nie takut orang, takut loud noise.. serba serbi lah.. cry lah aje.  She was ok once she 'connect' to her uncles and aunts. 

Petang and it was Fatin's first jump into the swimming pool.  She takes to water like a duck.  Of course we had a plastic ring attached around her neck to keep her afloat.  Dad was also in the pool with her.  But the little darling was smiling and laughing happily.  Kicking in the pool ala-ala swimming, dog paddle and back stroke gitu.  Heheh.. Mama rationed her to only 15 minutes in the water.  But she was totally exhausted.  Fed her abit of banana custard and then she started to nod off.  Lima langkah and she was asleep.  Penat swimming agaknya.

Fatimah's bakal mertua sesat and arrived late.  It was past my sister's bedtime.  Kesian dia!  Alamak! They came armed with sireh junjung and a basket of fruits.  Aisey kata nak berkenalan saja but dah datang dengan benda2 nie semua.  Hmm.. they insisted on giving the cincin risik, siap sarungkan terus pada jari Fati*mah.  Still Anne insist on meeting the boy first.  He is still not back yet!

1st May and we are heading off to meet my nephew's bakal mertua.  Hehe.. rasa tua pulak bila semua kids dah nak kawin nie.  Tapi Fatin maintain only cucu in the family.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009
This and That

Its been almost a month since I last blog.  Hmm been busy lately.  What with the auditors in and asking for all kind of info, that I am not aware of.  My job scope is widening by the day.  Dari simple cleaning shop and handling the customers, now dah include ordering supplies, stocking the shop, managing staff.. of which I hate most.

"Manage**ment" seems only to care that sales increase by the day and month, in leaps and bounds.  Their target of RM15K for lastmonth, had me almost doubled up and rolling on the floor, laughing.  They are reluctant to even give discounts and have "sales", and they expect to see the $$$ rolling in??!!  Anak2 bos pulak, kalau datang asyik tanya, "sales dah berapa hari ni?".  Bengang aku.  Mari lah jaga kedai tu sehari suntuk, baru kau tahu trend customers.  I have politely mentioned to Lady Boss, that we are there to take care of the shop until her daughters graduate and come take over.  So it would be good if they (the daughters) come and run the shop on weekends or during their holidays.  See how I keep accounts and run the shop.  I dont have business background but just good logics that I apply.  Hehe.. my son once asked me how I know what to do.. Entah lah.. aku pun tak tahu.. minat agaknya. 

Customers pulak are mainly of a certain race who buys 2 packets of food and asks for discounts.. Kalau beli dekat Carr-empat atau Anak-lelaki-Park, tak ada pulak mintak discount.  Belek barang and tanya 'expiry date' macam lah nak simpan barang tu lagi 2-3 tahun lagi.  Menyoal kenapa harga barang mahal, macam lah kita dapat barang2 tu free. 

Ini pulak, staf lagi satu tu dah buat perangai.  Dia ni typical "ma*lay", yang dengki tengok orang lain senang.  Dia simpan dengki sampai sakit2 badan.  Muka masam mencuka, malaikat rahmat pun "segan" nak dekat.  Then heran kenapa hidup dia tak senang2.  Mulut selalu aje terlepas.  Suka sangat kata "orang lelaki 'sekian2' datang kedai tanyakan aku".  Mula2 dulu aku diamkan saja, tapi makin melampau pulak dia buat2 cerita.  Sehingga satu hari, aku face her and said, "Please stop this nonsense b'cos I dont like it".  Tersentap jugak dia masa tu.

Once, my son was pissed off with her and wrote a 3-page letter and pasted it on the board for all staff and management to read.  Terkedu sekejap.  Menangis... 3 hari tak bertegur sapa.  I requested for "Management" to call for a meeting (first, since I started work 2 years ago) dia bagi macam2 excuse and did not turn up.  Habis2 my son yang kena tegur sebab dia budak lagi.  Then entah apa sebab, dia pulak post notice menegur keadaan stor yang bersepah penuh dengan kotak2.  Dia jugak yang pesan kat kami, letak saja kotak dalam situ, sebab dia nak bawa balik dan jual kotak2 tu.  Bila dah penuh dan dia malas nak kemas, dia letak notis.  Bengang jugak kami, so we cleared up the store and sold the card board boxes ourselves.  Bukan banyak pun.. adalah rm6 saja.  Dua hari lepas tu, dia letak lagi satu notis dalam buku rekod jualan.. "air cond tidak di matikan pada sekian hari".  Pun kita diamkan saja.  Tapi mulai hari itu, kami meletak nota2 dalam buku itu, sebab memang semua orang akan baca.  Dia bagi diskaun sesuka hati dia dengan menggunakan akaun aku.. anak2 mula check semua sales dia buat.. sah2 dia buat onar lagi.  Aku pun letak notis dalam buku.  Tapi dia tetap juga buat perkara yang sama.  Ingat dia aku tak tahu apa dia buat.  Lepas tu anak aku pulak letak notis berkenaan diskaun tu dalam buku.  Puhhh... dia melenting dan buat satu lagi notis pedas.  Tapi malang nya, kami anak beranak gelak kan dia saja.  Dia yang mulakan buat notis dan tak nak bersemuka, now bila kena teruk kat dia, tahu pulak marah.  Anak aku mintak call for a meeting, tapi aku tahu dia tak akan datang, buang masa saja.  Aku kata, biarkan dia.  Esok nya dia MC.  2nd day, dia tak datang kerja dan tidak beritahu sape2 pun.  Bingai punya perempuan!!  Tak apa, aku tetap buat donno.. aku tahu dia yang akan malu juga akhirnya.  Suka hati engkau lah.  Nak kerja.. kerja lah.  Kau quit, ramai yang minat.

Sekarang ni sibuk dengan Kumpulan Wanita kat kampung dia.  Asyik2 mintak ganti kerja.  Anak2 aku jadi mangsa.  Tapi bila aku nak bercuti, mintak dia ganti.. ada saja alasan dia. 

Hoh... aku malas kerja dengan melayu** totoq ni.

**lega dapat lepaskan yang terbuku dalam hati ni**

***Today would have been my 29th anniversary with Ex***Hidup tetap diteruskan***

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What happens when you feed a baby with a foot fetish, banana custard?

You get...My granddaughter Fatin Azhar...

Hahaha... she came over and Grand mama decided to feed her with "Kastard Pisang" that comes in a bottle.  And Fatin-with-Foot-Fetish, put her foot in her mouth when she decided she had enough of custard.  So she had, "Pisang Kaki" for lunch and tea.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worked in the morning until 3.30pm.  Rushed home and saw Fa*iz was already back from lectures.  Got him to book tickets for "Race to Witch Mountain", online while I took a bath and prayed.  Got the confirmation number and rushed to G*SC Alam*anda.  (Almost flew in the Myvi as we had less than 30 minutes!).  Dropped Fa*iz off at the cinema entrance to get the tickets, while I drove up to the parking lot.  Practically ran all the way to the cinema with KA.  Phew, we had time to grab a 1901 hotdog (lunch) and some popcorn.  Took our seats, while the lights was still on.

Fa*iz and I started on the hotdogs.  Damn!  We were famished.  Tak sampai 15 menet dah habis.  Movie featured "The Rock" and his rush with his alien friends to Witch Mountain.

What my kids are pissed off with me, is that I always, I repeat always, drop off to ZZZ land at the crucial part of the movie.  Even when I was watching "Geng Upin Ipin".  Totally disgusting!!  Hahaha.. nak buat macam mana, dah category senior citizen.

The next time Fa*iz threaten to get me the senior citizen tickets.  Dia kata rugi beli ticket mahal2 untuk Mama.

Next in line.. Ice Age 3 and maybe Talentime.  Just to menghibur kan hati yang lara ni.  ~~ sakit jugak putus kasih ni, waima dah tua ~~

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Sunday, March 15, 2009
Busy saturday

Rushed to the other side of town.  First to my grand doter's house and then off to Rudy's (kurekure*sakti) wedding reception.  I am not sure of the way, but kids these days.. semua di googl*e nya.  And walla.. the route is shown online. 

My grand doter is totally fascinated by her toes.  She could occupy her time playing with her toes.  And she is so pliable that she would grab her toes and put in her mouth.

She is still testing out food.  Baru nak introduce solid food.  She gets sugar-high when we tried her with sugar floss.  She didnt sleep all the way back from JB (all 4 hours) when we gave her some.  And she was so chatty also.  Hahaha..to'mama so bad..  We gave her mashed potato without the gravy.  She suck the food off my finger.  We also tried watered down rusk...and she suck it off the spoon!  At the wedding just now, Mama fed her some kueh lapis and I dip my finger in the fruit juice and let her suck some water.

After the wedding, we went separate ways.  Azhar, Ina and Fatin had another wedding to attend.  We headed home, just in time to get the washing in.

Spend the evening with Fatin.  Slept.  Penat..

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Thursday, March 12, 2009
Long Weekend

Last weekend, I was back in JB on our regular visit to see Dad.  Kesian orang tua tu, dok alone je.  Driving himself crazy.  Each time it gets harder and harder talking to him.  He forgets things that was said just a few seconds ago but remembers all the incidents that happens when he was a bachelor!  We were trying to get him to go see a doctor about his skin ailment.  One minute he said "ok", and when he walks to the next room, he forgets and wonders why my brother-in-laws were dressed to go out.  He was adamant that we take him to see Kiai.. (apa nama ntah) in Pon*tian.  He insisted that it was buatan orang.  Aduhai.. Looking at my older bro-in-law going red in the face as he 'talks' (argue, rather) to dad, I asked if he brought his medications.. to which he replied, No.  Ushered him into the backroom to relax.  Kang tak pasal2, dia pulak yang pengsan sebab blood pressure melambung!  We decided to wait the next morning as Dad goes into "twilight zone" at twilight.  Susah nak bawak berbincang as he keeps on "wi-fi-ing" with his friends and relatives.

The next morning we tried again to get him to see the doctor.  He relented and followed, albeit reluctantly.  The outcome?   He was diagnosed with diabetes and given a jab for his skin ailment.  Doctor wanted him to come back for a complete checkup.  Pujuk dia ikut balik ke KL dengan kami tapi dia berkeras tak mahu.  Hmm entah lah nak buat macam mana lagi.  Degil tak mahu dengar langsung cakap anak2.  Kena ikut cakap dia sahaja.


Got a wedding reception invite from the Indian neighbours.  Send my children instead since I was still in JB.  The only thing they remembered was the glamorous wedding cake.  There was a small waterfall (water feature?) under the two-tier cake.  My son took a pix of it, just in case I didnt believe.  Hahaha.. 

p/s  Forgot to add in that I got another prank call, again.  Trying to scare me with the same tactic of "ini panggilan dari Bu*kit Am*an, bahagian jena*yah".  Hai sejak bila pulak P0lis call pakai handphone sendiri!!  Make it official betul2lah.  I was really pissed off this time and gave him a warning instead.  He started stuttering and he back-off.  Bak pepatah melayu, "Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah".  No balls!!  Nak menakutkan perempuan! 

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Right or Wrong??

My darling doter was managing the counter at the shop the other day. She was already dead bored as sales was slow to pick up.. and antara sedar dengan tidak, a customer asked her ..

"This Lemon Grass Fried Chicken has lemon in it, izzit?"

Her (blurred) response : "Ha'ah".. and then when she realised what she had answered, she (quickly) corrected herself.. "Ehhh..bukan, lemon grass.. err ada serai".

That reminded me of her dad.  A small group of people carrying out a survey on local fruits came to the door, so I woke him up from his nap (too lazy to layan them myself) and asked him to respond to the survey.

Question : "Encik ada makan buah2an tempatan?"

Answer : "Ada"

Question : "Namakan beberapa jenis pisang yang encik pernah makan".

Answer : "Pisang Mas (his favourite).. err pisang rastali (the type that I will only eat).. pisang kaki (baru beli semalamnya)".

Survey people finally left.  I then asked him what it was all about and he told me.  I asked him .. "pisang kaki tu sejenis pisang ek?"

"Ehh.. entah ek!!"

We had a good laugh.  Each time we eat persimmon a.k.a pisang kaki, we will remember the incident that happened 26 years ago.

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Monday, February 16, 2009
My darling Fati*n

Last saturday was a mad scramble to go and catch the movie "Geng & U*pin I*pin".  So much so I forgot all about my turn to baby sit my grand doter.  hehe.. had to make last minute arrangements.  First call was to my darling sister.  Gave her a chance to give Fati*n a bath.  Well after all, Af*nan is all 8 years old already.  Dah lama tak mandikan baby.  But alas, she had to rush to school and bring Af*nan home.  So I called and told Az*har to mandikan aja baby dia.

I saw kids dragging their parents to watch "Geng".  Heheh.. I dragged my kids to coverline.  I was seated at the back row, next to family of six kelantanese.  Riuh anak2 nya menanya ayah in dialect.  Aduh..  Surprisingly, the kids were all attentive while the movie was on..AND I did not fall asleep, as I usually do.

Lepas wayang, terus balik ke rumah.  My kids made me give Fati*n another bath as they insist dia tak wangi.  Ayahnya kata, "susah lah ma..dia licin".  Adeh.. Susah pulak nak tidor kan cucunda.  Nak kena nyanyi and dodoi.  Dah berbuih tok ma' dia nyanyi and dodoi, baru lah azhar* kata musical bear dia ada dalam kereta.  Introduce food to Fati*n.  Cucunda ku belum di beri solid food lagi. So tok ma' dia suapkan mash potato tanpa gravy.  She enjoys it!  But she sucks her food.

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