Friday, February 12, 2010

The presence of Fatin in the family means aging everyone.  While some likes their new "title", some tries variation of the "title" to make it sound younger.

Pak Busu a.k.a Dzahar wants to be known as Pak Busu (still)!!  Mak Busu is Nana Anne.  What is the male equivalent, does anyone know?  Fatimah a.k.a Kak Long is now Aunty Kak Long.  Therefore, Kak Lang is Aunty Kak Lang and Nadirah, Aunty Adik.  Afnan doesn't know what to make out of his new title Uncle Afnan..:-)

Khairin a.k.a Een is Aunty Een, but she prefers Chu Een.  Or is it the other way round?  Faiz a.k.a Uncle Faiz is otherwise known as Uncle Handsome or Uncle White (Pak Utih??)  You should see how Fatin's face lights up when she see him, even though she has to tilt her head way back, as he is so tall.  Azri a.k.a Uncle Azri is sometimes Uncle Black (Pak Itam), for obvious reasons.  Uncle Faizal is fortunately still Uncle Faizal, not Pak Ngah as it will then be confused with the actual Pak Ngah who should be known as Tok Ngah.  So that makes Mak Ngah, Mak Tok Ngah or Tok Mak Ngah?

I am Tok Ma(ma) as my besan is Nenek (female) and Atok (male).  My other half is Tok Pa(pa) and my ex Tok Baba or Tok Ayah (ala-ala orang kedah).

Her dad is Ayah and mom is Mama.  Though sometimes it becomes a manja single syllable "maa" or "yaa" or a desperate 3 syllable "mamama" or "yayaya".

Other things Fatin : Faizal scrapped the wall in my bedroom when he accidently dropped a hammer while putting up the fan.  A bit of the paint peeled off, but not for long.  I did not know that Fatin loves to peel off paint from the wall.  As the norm, when the kid is quiet, go look for them!  And there she was nicely squatting down facing the wall and peeling off as much paint from the wall.  Another thing I learn is never to say "Fatin..DONT do that" or "Fatin..JANGAN", as is sets her up into a frenzy to complete the job as fast as possible.  What was a peel the size of fifty cents is now palm size, my palm size!!

The Boss has finally caved in and decided to close shop.  I shall be jobless by the end of the month.  Pujuk diri.. rezeki ada di mana-mana.

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