Sunday, June 20, 2010
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Saturday, April 10, 2010
D good, d bad and d ugly

The good part was how promt SYA**BAS responded to my complaint.  I called just before maghrib and was told that noone else complained, therefore I am the only one affected.  They promised to send someone over and true enough, 2 hours later someone was at the mains outside my house and water was back in my house... Thank you SYA**BAS for the excellent service and the Customer Service was polite and helpful.

The bad came in this morning when I heard the rain.. Huhuhu it just means I have to send my doter to school.  Something I hate alot.  She said she needs to open the lab door for the other students.  (Pehal lah dia yang hold the keys pon!)  As expected, there was a massive jam outside the school gate, as parents were trying to get into and out of the school.  Iye lah, tak kan lah nak drop off the kids kat gate sekolah aje.  Demam plak budak2 tu. 

Now comes the ugly part.. the Guard was trying to be a traffic police but all he succeeded to do was to make it into a dead-lock.  No one could move as he tried to filter the traffic, allowing only some in.  Why oh why lah do that now.. dah lah dia berpayung dok tengah2 jalan masuk tuh.. dok tanya each car going in and if you say, "nak hantar anak", he goes to the front of your car and obstruct you from moving forward.  Dia suruh gostan, (mind you, kereta kat belakang wasnt budging). Aduhhh.. rasa nak turun tampar je pak cik tu!!  Nasib baik masih waras and pikirkan dia tu jauh lebih tua dari aku. 

Aku hanya rapatkan lagi kereta aku pada dia and buat derk.  Alahai pak cik, kalau tak nak bagi orang masuk, pergi lah bukak gate kecik sana.. jadi parents boleh drop off anak kat sana, tak yah berebut nak masuk gate besar.  Last2 dia bagi jugak aku masuk, tapi sempat menyeranah.. "nyusahkan orang aje.."  Hello pak cik siapa yang susah kan siapa ni??  Ada aku mintak dia jadi trafik warden dalam hujan lebat ni?  Takde pun aku bangun pagi tadi memasang niat nak nyusahkan pak gad ni..

I can just istigfar banyak2..  Sabar je lah.. jangan aku jadi bongkak macam tu dalam aku meniti ke alam "veteran" ni.. 

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I read this in my son's FB and I liked it alot.

"Datang ke Drive Thru M^cD** dengan kereta yang dashboard nya penuh dengan merchandise M^cD**, malahan Drive Thru sticker yang lama pun masih terlekat di cermin. Tetapi masa buat pesanan berkata ..Cheesy Wedges nak satu.."


Then something similar happened yesterday. I went to fill up my car with petrol at Sh^ell** and I pop inside to get bread. A guy came in and asked the girl at the counter.. Tahu macam mana nak ke PER*MATA** (as in the PET** training center).. terkebil2 budak tu and jawap.. macam pernah dengar tempat tu.. Hahahaha.. I interrupted and asked 'PET** training center ke?' and he answered in the affirmative. Gave him the directions and then I walked out.

Or the time, my other son saw a guy attired in a Ce^lcom** t-shirt, walking into Ma^x** centre to pay his phone bill.

Nothing beats going to the competitor.

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Monday, March 15, 2010
Pengantin Again

Yesterday I was outstation with my sister to attend Dz's colleague's wedding.

Wedding was held in a dewan of a local U. Small affair since the wedded couple is marrying for the second time after each previous spouse's demise. Yup, duda and balu. We arrived quite early as we had other things to attend to. Since everyone took off their footwear at the entrance, I thought "oh no, a sit down affair!! Adowhh.. mengah lah nanti.."  But actually they only didnt want to dirty the carpetted floor. Duhhh..

We got the usual fare, but this was authentic nasi biryani, not like those we get in Selangor or KL. The rice alone was sedap menjilat jari (finger licking good). There was fried chicken (I skipped that), lauk biryani daging (liked that..took lots of rempah/gravy) and lo and behold.. there was lamb shank.. tulang and all (but no straw to suck out the marrow). I told my sister, "Afnan would have loved the shank". There was the usual dalca but I tak minat sangat. They were putting in more of the acar rampai, so I did not take any. I was actually expecting the acar buah, which I noticed was placed in very small containers with only those pliable plastic spoon to take it. Macam an afterthought aje! Everyone bypassed it until I started to fill my plate.. didnt notice it the first round, I guess.

For dessert, there was cut fruits, local kueh like agar2, kueh lapis, seri muka and they also have bubur pulut hitam, which Dz said was very nice. We were quite wary of the drinks after the bad experience at the wedding the previous week (where we all ended up purging after drinking from unclean cups), so we each took the mineral water-in-a-cup.

They had a live cak lempong group to entertain us. Very nice soothing music.. then I saw some girls asking the group to stop playing and they placed a microphone in front of a laptop. Dia mainkan lagu2 kawin on winamp. Hahaha..cute.. That was the cue that the pengantin has arrived.  The groom entered, segak in baju melayu and sampin songket. He must be in his mid fifies.. the bride was no where to be seen. Hai..mana lah bride tercicir. Then we saw her.. pretty lady in a long lace jacket, pinned together just below her waist with a huge pending-like brooch. She had a satin long dress underneath. The couple never got far from the entrance as they were accosted by friends and relatives, who not only greeted them there but also snapped photos with the couple. No.. they didnt have a pelamin but the couple was supposed to have a makan beradap. Anyway since everyone was doing it, we too approached the couple at the door and greeted and made small talk before we left.

The whole majlis was organized by the groom's 4 children and bride's daughter.

I started to get a throbbing headache...lamb not good for me.. I know.. tapi where can tahan meh...We were given telur pindang as gifts.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Ikan Bakar Teraponnng

The plan was for Anne and Dz to get there (Restaurant Ikan Bakar Terapong) first and place the order.  But they were like under a spell and could not get out from town, and ended up going in circles.  They stayed in town at Hotel Leg-acy.  We on the other hand stayed at a homestay in MITC, on the outskirts of Melaka town. We drove blindly (never having been there at all) with only "Umbai" as clue.  Signages to the place seemed to be hiding under the branches of the trees.  Nevertheless we arrived there first.  So, we ended up browsing through the shops and I ended buying toys for my cucu.  And since we are hungry, we bought and ate fruits first.

Finally the PJ/Sarawak/Perak entourage arrived.  Alamak, mana host/hostess nya ni.... 5 minutes later baru Anne/Dz arrived.  Phew, tak tahu lah macam mana nak melayan 20 orang alone!!!

We marched up to the upper floor of the restaurant for more privacy.  The place is actually a group of stalls all selling ikan bakar and the likes.  Anne and I started choosing the fish and other menu.

We started with Ikan Senangin masak sweet sour, followed by sotong rings goreng tepung (yang my DIL dok sebut2, takut pulak ngidam tak kesampaian!!) and buttered prawns (medium size).  Mixed vege goreng and was it kangkong goreng or kailan goreng, to balance up the meal.  Anne didnt think that that was enough, so she ordered Ikan jenahak bakar - berlada and cencaru (ikan jacket) bakar with cicah.. Huhuhu adik aku ni..

We asked for nasi lemak bungkus but was told they only have nasi lemak hidang.. sehidang is sufficient for 4-5 people.  So we asked for 2 hidangs/table.  Rupa2nya satu hidang tu cukup untuk 8-10 orang.  We ended up tapau-ing the nasi for tomorrow's breakfast.  We had 3 types of drinks, ordered by the jug - ais kosong, fresh orange (watered down) and sirap limau.

Rasa2nya macam tak boleh nak habiskan sume ikan2 tu, but all that was left after almost 2 hours of dining was the nasi lemak.  We asked for cut fruits for dessert and the men must have their coffee with their smoke of course.

I went home first as we had the little one.. who actually was like an energizer rabbit as the hour ticked closer to midnight!!

It was a lovely nite.. I remembered you guys in Australia.. how you would have enjoyed it also.. maybe next time ok?

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Friday, March 05, 2010
What is the..

probability of having the exact same numbers in your KP as your sibling.

The only difference is our birthday of course.  But if you share birthday with your sibling, which makes her your twin sister (yes, must be of same sex.. last digit even number maa...), then its impossible to have the identical last 6 digits.  Get it so far?  We also have to be born in the same country/state. 

But.. fact is, I share the same last 6 digits with my sister.  Senang nak ingat..

Hahaha.. aku bosan menanti anak2 bersiap and convoy Amp*ang sampai.. nak ke Melaka for my nephew's wedding reception.  My back ache is killing me.  My senggugut is joining forces with the backache.. but no way I am trusting my boys to drive.

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Monday, February 22, 2010
So so sad

My heart is so heavy, I feel like it is at my feet. 

Yesterday we had to trick Dad and send him to a pusat penjagaan.  We went back to JB and arrived at the gate, only to discover the padlock is changed (again).  After his disappearance for almost 2 weeks last year, we had to resort to locking the gates and keep Dad within the compounds.  A cousin help get his meals and take care of him.  We go back as often as possible.  Pujuk macam mana pun, Dad didnt want to stay with any of us.

Anyway, went searching for my cousin.  He said Dad threw a tantrum last week and broke the furniture in the house..amongst other things and tried to pecahkan the padlock.  This time the house was in a terrible mess.  Water cut (yet again), so we couldnt do anything!  Dz decided we should get Dad into a home immediately.  Health wise, his scabs is still bad and he has put off alot of weight.

Luck was on our side and there was a vacancy in this particular home.  We packed up his clothes but since it was unplanned, we forgot alot of things.  After making Dad comfortable and pujuk-pujuk dia to enjoy his stay there, we left to get his toiletries from 7*E.  When we went back, the gate (that was open to allow visitors in) was already padlocked.  The keeper said Dad wanted to leave.. so they had to lock the gate.

We told dad we wanted to repair the house.  He (Dad) immediately 'called' his imaginary contractor, Leong.  We played along and told Dad, Leong wanted the house vacated so that he can start the 'major renovation'.  Memang pun we need to do alot of repairs to the house, but each time we have to put up a fight because Dad wants to do it himself.  And always, it is me, who have to pujuk/marah/defend Dad.

I am so so sad.  Ya Allah kau pelihara dan kasihanilah bapak ku, sebagaimana dia telah memelihara dan mengasihani aku.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I got sunburnt (I think). But only on my face and ears. How? I dont know. Pedih sangat. I had to dig out my foundation and slather it all over my face. Baru lah kurang rasa pedihnya. Tangan ni pulak, gatal aje nak mengaru. Tambah lah pedihnya. Last nite I found out that it is not painful if I sapu bedak cornstarch Fatin but I get a very tight feeling all over my face, as though I put on a face mask. And I also end up with burn marks on my face. Adeh.. apa nak buat nie ek?

Eda called me from Sudan today. She is mad with "the majikan". Dah lah potong allowance (they all boleh terima lagi), ni nak potong basic pulak. Mana boleh tahan. It will affect the pencen and gratuity. Banyak complain dari (ex)-staff jugak. Cerita yang sama jugak...Hmm.. nasib baik I opt out earlier. Tension oiii....

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The presence of Fatin in the family means aging everyone.  While some likes their new "title", some tries variation of the "title" to make it sound younger.

Pak Busu a.k.a Dzahar wants to be known as Pak Busu (still)!!  Mak Busu is Nana Anne.  What is the male equivalent, does anyone know?  Fatimah a.k.a Kak Long is now Aunty Kak Long.  Therefore, Kak Lang is Aunty Kak Lang and Nadirah, Aunty Adik.  Afnan doesn't know what to make out of his new title Uncle Afnan..:-)

Khairin a.k.a Een is Aunty Een, but she prefers Chu Een.  Or is it the other way round?  Faiz a.k.a Uncle Faiz is otherwise known as Uncle Handsome or Uncle White (Pak Utih??)  You should see how Fatin's face lights up when she see him, even though she has to tilt her head way back, as he is so tall.  Azri a.k.a Uncle Azri is sometimes Uncle Black (Pak Itam), for obvious reasons.  Uncle Faizal is fortunately still Uncle Faizal, not Pak Ngah as it will then be confused with the actual Pak Ngah who should be known as Tok Ngah.  So that makes Mak Ngah, Mak Tok Ngah or Tok Mak Ngah?

I am Tok Ma(ma) as my besan is Nenek (female) and Atok (male).  My other half is Tok Pa(pa) and my ex Tok Baba or Tok Ayah (ala-ala orang kedah).

Her dad is Ayah and mom is Mama.  Though sometimes it becomes a manja single syllable "maa" or "yaa" or a desperate 3 syllable "mamama" or "yayaya".

Other things Fatin : Faizal scrapped the wall in my bedroom when he accidently dropped a hammer while putting up the fan.  A bit of the paint peeled off, but not for long.  I did not know that Fatin loves to peel off paint from the wall.  As the norm, when the kid is quiet, go look for them!  And there she was nicely squatting down facing the wall and peeling off as much paint from the wall.  Another thing I learn is never to say "Fatin..DONT do that" or "Fatin..JANGAN", as is sets her up into a frenzy to complete the job as fast as possible.  What was a peel the size of fifty cents is now palm size, my palm size!!

The Boss has finally caved in and decided to close shop.  I shall be jobless by the end of the month.  Pujuk diri.. rezeki ada di mana-mana.

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Monday, January 04, 2010
New Year 2010**

New Year comes around. Alhamdulillah we survived another year, safe from calamities and major sickness.

FATIN DEAREST : My dearest grand daughter Fatin has finally gained enough confidence and is tottering about the house. Her dad maintained his record of 18 months before walking on his own. Hahaha.. at least Fatin is slim and not as heavy as her daddy was, her age. Mana larat nak dukung. Lately, Fatin’s favorite clutch toys are my fridge magnets and the magnets I line along the banister up the stairs.  She pick a few and look at her grandma, to see if grandma is angry.  Coyly, she will pluck a few more and soon there is a mess of magnets stuck to each other on the staircase. When she was at her Nana Annie’s house, she will also head towards the fridge. The last two weekends, was spent at Nana Annie’s swimming pool. She love being in the pool with the pelampung attached around her neck. Twice her daddy let her go and she swallowed a lot of water. Nasib baik daddy yang buat. Hahaha.. 

I managed to redeem the Big Head-giraffe from G*uardian. So that is her latest teman tidor.  Giraffe has small nostrils, just the right size to fit Fatin’s fingers. That put a stop to her digusting past time of digging her belly button!!  Then, with her daddy’s collection of stickers, I managed to redeem the second Big Head, a Hippopotamus or "Dadhak" as Fatin calls it.

Home Sweet Home : On the home end, my renovations is complete. Thus begins moving the furniture and fittings. I fall asleep with a back ache almost every night.  My house looks like time stood still, 5 years ago when I moved in from Hulu Langat. I now occupy the bedroom downstairs. Tak larat nak naik turun tangga tiap hari. The kitchen is just next to my bedroom. So I can easily have my sahur. The kitchen is still in a mess. I am putting things away slowly. Opening and unpacking one box each day. Alhamdulillah, Faizal is handy with the plumbing and wiring works. Just like my Langat house, I have a laundry area tucked away in one end of the kitchen. Am in the midst of putting up a foldable clothes hanger in the back corridor. It will be put in good use these rainy days.

While renovating the house, ‘someone’ walked away with my spare cooking gas and I only now realized how expensive it is to get one! And while I was out shopping one day, ‘somene’ else (or maybe it is the same person) opened the gate and walked off with my air conditioner outdoor unit!! Hai.. memang tak selamat lah siapa yang buat kerja2 tu. Like it or not, I had to get a new air conditioner but am still contemplating on getting the spare cooking gas. Heheh.. priorities..

I have 2 extra astro dish. Does anyone know if I can use it on my tv just to get the non astro channels. Who can do it? Malas nak buat wiring baru or beli aerial baru. I was relying on my indoor aerial when my bedroom was upstairs. But now that I have moved to the ‘dungeon’, am not getting clear reception on all the channels. Dahlah mata ni memang blurr.

Using an Indon electrician was a huge mistake. Where the power source is, is a mystery. And they have a weird sense of placing the power points and sedap2 dia letak connection for a ceiling fan (without the hook to hang the fan!). Sampai kan in the kitchen pun dia letak connection for a ceiling fan (just above the stove). Agak dia ingat buat ganti hob kot.

The Shop : Boss has decided to share rental with a lady who wants to open a bakery/café. I don’t know how much longer I can survive working here. On certain days, I get so lazy and bored. Sales has dropped drastically. Am taking one day at a time.

School : This morning, I was awaken by the sound of KA’s alarm. School starts today. It has been raining since very early morning. I dread rainy mornings as this madame refuse to use the umbrella to walk to school. Says she doesn’t like getting her sarong wet. I have to go one whole round around the block just to send her to school which is actually 100 meters away from home! Otherwise I would get my car stuck in the traffic jam of parents sending their children to school (there are 3 schools in the vicinity) and people going to work. Am still thankful I don’t have to go to work in KL. But I had to go round twice before I could get a vacant car park, close enough to the shop this morning!!  Warghhh!!!

Dead Tired..

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